“Sahi Nivesh Zaroori Hai”

A Financial Awareness Initiative

7 steps to keep your retirement plan on track despite COVID-19 disruptions

The uncertainty and speculation surrounding COVID-19 have impacted financial management, amongst many other things. Stock markets continue to remain volatile and unpredictable, and bank interest rates are on a steady decline. These are among the two major asset classes popular with Indian investors, and invariably form a major chunk of every retirement portfolio. Investors need to take a proactive […]
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How to invest your first salary?

Save atleast 20% of your salary. Begin investing in tax-saving mutual funds, PPF and equity schemes. Avoid cryptocurrencies. The thrill of getting your first pay check is quite something. But the temptation to spend it quickly is also there. After all, you are no longer dependent on your parents’ pocket money. It’s fine if you […]
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