“Sahi Nivesh Zaroori Hai”

A Financial Awareness Initiative

Save atleast 20% of your salary. Begin investing in tax-saving mutual funds, PPF and equity schemes. Avoid cryptocurrencies.

The thrill of getting your first pay check is quite something. But the temptation to spend it quickly is also there. After all, you are no longer dependent on your parents’ pocket money. It’s fine if you splurge initially, but cultivating some good savings habits early in your career can make you a better investor in future.

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Are savings enough?

No. Savings merely mean you are keeping your money aside, but idle. “Investing is about keeping aside a part of your income for a long-term investment,” says Kalpesh Ashar, certified financial planner at Full Circle Financial Planners and Advisors. He says it’s important to understand this key difference early on.

Start by setting aside 20 percent of your take-home pay, Ashar suggests.

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